agreement to curb mercury leakage worldwide

Germany and many other countries signed an agreement in minamata, japan, to reduce global mercury emissions. According to the "minamata convention", it will, among other things, be generally forbidden from 2020 to produce or sell products containing mercury, such as various batteries, cosmetics, thermometers or certain light bulbs.

The treaty will enter into force when at least 50 of the more than 110 signatory countries have ratified it. According to representatives of the UN environment program (unep), this could take three to five years. In addition to germany, brazil, china, south africa, mexico and the EU have also signed the new environmental agreement.

danger from ticks: entire switzerland becomes fsme risk area

"We want the number of infections to fall again," said mark witschi, head of the vaccination recommendations section at the federal office of public health, to the "tages-anzeiger".

According to the report, the swiss federal office paid 380 TBE cases this year – an increase of 40 percent over the previous year. Compared to 2016, the number of cases has almost doubled. The FOPH now hopes to reverse the trend with the clear vaccination recommendation and improve the vaccination rate. Currently, only about 30 percent of the swiss population is vaccinated against tbea.

Life writes the roughest dramaturgy: just a few weeks ago, the board of directors of the home association had discussed the course of the annual meeting with horst ruhnau, who was in poor health. Now ruhnau had died even before the meeting.
As second chairman hermann weidner explained at the beginning of the annual meeting, the aim is to continue the home association in the spirit of the late. Ruhnau was chairman for ten years.
In the coming years, the focus will continue to be on the care of the lichtenstein castle ruins, keeping the paths and the grounds clean, and the time-consuming work on the display cases. 20 years ago, an agreement was reached with the district of habberge, the owner of the castle ruins. Furthermore, the history of the nearby homeland, the culture, the experience of nature and the visit of castles and palaces were on the program as before. In addition, they want to pay a visit to the basilica of vierzehnheiligen.
Because the board of directors was elected for two years in 2017, there will be an early election of the new chairman this year, weidner said. Until then, he will lead the club provisionally. Mayor ralf nowak thanked the heimatverein especially for the service in the castle ruin lichtenstein.
The suggestion of uli kuhn to organize a photo competition for a local calendar will be discussed in the board of directors and will be presented to the public if this is feasible. 

the fellow human being as a carrier of disease - a virus arouses fears

For weeks, the coronavirus was just a topic in the news. It was rampant far away in another part of the world. It did not affect one. In the last few days, that has changed.

Now some may involuntarily take a step back when someone coughs at the bus stop. Every normal wave of influenza affects more people, it has been said for a long time. This was a way to calm down. But now it is heard that there are supply bottlenecks for breathing masks. You want to buy disinfectant gel and you are told that it will not come in for three more days. The twelve-year-old son comes home and says: "someone told us that we will soon no longer have to go to school." supermarkets report hamster purchases.