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How to Compare Online Savings Accounts

In the last few years consumers have been demanding higher interest rates on their money than some of the next to nothing rates that the major banks have been giving out. In response, banks created online savings accounts which offer much better rates of return, nearing 5% in order

Why an Online Savings Account is Smart in a Recession

Having an online savings account is a smart move in today’s economy. Are you confident you are getting the maximum return on your savings? Below I outline three reasons why having an online savings account makes smart money sense in our current recession. Having an online savings account allows

Record Low Interest Rates Fight Persisting Fears

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The frantic screamers of the financial media almost ignored two significant business milestones. China passed Japan as the second largest economy in the world and General Motors filed for its new public stock sale. News of house price declines and sour reports on continuing unemployment probably make for more

Best Bank Interest Rates Can Be Found Online

The internet is a tool that can be used by many for a number of different things in terms of e-commerce and the like. Now, banks are starting to get in the game by offering the best bank interest rates through their websites. Banks are pretty competitive when it

The Benefits of Having a Savings Account

Everyone wants to gain financial freedom. Some people aspire for better jobs. Others take the risk by putting up a business and become entrepreneurs. When you receive a paycheck or profit from business, you can set aside a certain sum of money as part of your savings. Your savings

Get a Savings Account and Stop Paying Overdraft Fees

Every week I buy gas, groceries & impulse items at the store. I chat it up with a bank rep. to make sure my account is secure and yet every week my balance is always different from their computer’s. I have had enough! Lets torch our cards right after

GE Capital Bank Online Savings Account Review

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Serious savers tend to want a simple online savings account. If you’re looking for a competitive high-yield online savings account with a consistently competitive APY interest rate, this GE Capital Bank online savings account review can help you compare your options. GE Capital Bank was originally founded in 1993

American Express Personal Savings Online Savings Account Review

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This American Express Personal Savings online savings account review considers the pros and cons of opening this high-yield savings account. In comparison to a robust field of online savings account competitors, American Express Personal Savings’ initial current yield is worth taking a look at. However, other online savings accounts

Barclays Bank Online Savings Account Review

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Barclays Bank may be an unfamiliar name if you’re searching for an online savings account. Unlike other purely virtual banks without physical brick and mortar offices, Barclays has more than 7,000 branches in more than 50 countries around the world. With more than 325 years of experience, 140,000 plus

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Review

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This Ally Bank online savings account review provides information about online checking, online savings, certificates of deposit, money market accounts, and other savings and financial products offered by the bank. Ally Bank is part of Ally Financial, the former General Motors Acceptance Corporation, was formerly owned by General Motors