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Need a High Interest Savings Account?

In the poor economy finding high interest savings rate savings accounts can be difficult and often times tedious. This article will review the top 4 banks with the highest interest savings rates available. Getting high interest in this economy may be just over 1% however the average market rate

Outsmarting High Interest Rates on Adjustable Rate Mortgages

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In the recent past, a lot of homeowners just barely made it into a new house with an adjustable rate mortgage. But that strategy is no longer safe, with interest rates on the rise. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans Adjustable rate mortgages (also called ARMs) are quite the wager for

High Interest Savings Accounts for Beginners

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In life and money, I am conservative. I read about those playing the 0% Credit Card Balance Transfer Game and think, "God bless 'em, but there's no way I could do that." I also like to keep things simple and organized. I read about those with 10, 14, even

How to Get the Best Interest Rates on SavingsMoney Market Accounts

The national average for savings/MMA interest rate are below 1%. If you have one of those account(s) your money isn't working hard enough for you. In this article you will find out how to easily find and open a high yield saving/MMA account. So read on to find out

Low Interest Rates on FDIC Insured Bank CDs Have Savers Looking at Insurance Products

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Like a Certificate of Deposit (CD), an Extended Guaranteed Savings Annuity (EGSA) is purchased in one lump sum, but not from a bank or financial institution, but rather from an insurance company. Also like a bank CD, the insurance company promises to pay the investor a fixed interest rate

Where to Find Current Interest Rates

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If you are looking to maximize the earning potential of your money, it is important that you know the current interest rates. Or maybe you are looking to buy a big purchase, such as a home or a car, and want to finance the purchase. Either way, there are

Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates; What Does that Mean to the Average Consumer?

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There has been a lot of talk about a recession looming and fears of an economic downturn. But what does all this mean to the average person? This article is intended to help explain some of the basics of what is happening to the economy right now and how

Finding the Highest Interest Rates on Savings Accounts

If you are looking for a zero risk savings vehicle for the money you set aside as savings that offers the highest interest rates available you'll want to look at online banks. Online banks are able to offer such high interest rates because they have little overhead costs with

Interest Rates to Stay Low Renewing Opportunity for Me

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When the United States Federal Reserve came out pledging to keep key interest rates at their super low levels until at least late 2014 opportunities that I thought might be closing were opened back up for me. According to ABC News , this move was done in an effort

Online Savings Accounts Offering High Interest Rates? Buyer Beware!

Like many folks out there, I was looking into savings accounts with 1% or higher interest rates. My local Credit Union paid only a 0.8% so I thought I’d maximize my savings by going with a higher rate. There were lists of different accounts offering 1.3%, 1.35%, etc. I