It was with a heavy heart that the teachers, the school management and the school community of the herzog-otto-mittelschule lichtenfels (HOS) had to bid farewell to two long-serving teaching colleagues and the school's janitor in retirement.

Long years of classic ladder

on the day of the dismissal ceremony for the 9. And 10. Gerhard waldschutz, the last head of class 10cm, said goodbye to the classes in a ceremonial setting. The teaching staff said goodbye with a song they had composed themselves, which recalled past experiences together and included the character traits and virtues of their beloved colleague. As a class instructor, waldschutz taught high school classes for many years and also successfully taught middle school classes at the HOS. With his outstanding musical skills and his tireless commitment, he made a decisive contribution to the school profile of the herzog-otto-mittelschule. For years, for example, he was in charge of the school band, which gave numerous performances both within the school and throughout the district.

Riedenberg: 40 years of the senior citizens' circle

Loud singing and laughter could be heard from outside the parish hall in riedenberg last wednesday. When visitors entered, they were greeted by a coarse cake buffet and a seductive smell of coffee in the entrance area. Diligent ladies laid out cakes or reeled out numerous dishes. The reason for the happy celebration was the fortieth anniversary of the riedenberg senior citizens’ group.

At that time, in september 1978, the "old club" was the aforementioned senior citizens’ group met. Hilaria dengler, children’s village mom from the local children’s village st. Anton, called him to life. She had been elected to the parish council at that time. On her initiative, maria schneider, martha statt and anton ruttiger also took part in a seminar for senior citizens in wurzburg. On 8. September was the day. The first senior afternoon took place in the parish hall. The group threw itself eagerly into the organization of the regular events. Busy cake bakers and volunteer drivers were organized – eventually the meetings were not limited to coffee wreaths, but numerous field trips were also organized. Everything was financed – and still is – by a regular contribution from the participants.

One-year contract for pizarro - nerlinger 'very happy'

"We are very happy that we have been able to sign claudio pizarro, an internationally experienced attacker who is very capable of scoring goals," said christian nerlinger. The former bremer is the fourth new signing for the new season after central defender dante (borussia monchengladbach), midfielder xherdan shaqiri (FC basel) and tom starke from 1899 hoffenheim as substitute goalkeeper.

Pizarro was already under contract with munich from 2001 to 2007. Also at that time he had come from werder bremen and scored 71 goals in 174 bundesliga games in his first bayern time. With 160 goals in 333 games, the attacker is the most successful foreigner in bundesliga history.

Afd party leader meuthen rules out candidacy for the Bundestag

Afd chairman jorg meuthen will not seek candidacy for federal election. In a letter to party members, meuthen justified his decision by saying that he could fulfill an important task for the afd as a member of the european parliament.

"Berlin, like other national capitals, is increasingly threatening to become a kind of branch office and command center for brussel," he wrote in the circular letter obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur. "Someone has to counter commission president ursula von der leyen. That’s where I see my task," he said in berlin on wednesday.

"Who wants to see hardworking craftsmen?? He must go to the masons! Stone on stone, stone on stone: the house will soon be…", trallali and trallalaaaa. At least that's the way it was in kindergarten. The fact is that there are around 130 different apprenticeships in the skilled trades – technically demanding, creative, in the health sector or in the food industry.

"When it comes to choosing the right profession, young people should first think about where their talents, interests and strengths lie," says forsbach, says roland maul, training advisor at the chamber of handicrafts for lower franconia. "It would be completely wrong to take up a profession just because it is fashionable at the moment, or perhaps because your friends are learning it."

"You will certainly not hear such criticism of politics from me," gauck (73) told the news magazine "der spiegel". "The annoyance at them is too coarse for me to demand it anymore."

In addition it displeases it, if the parties are bad-marked sweepingly. "For decades, they have contributed significantly to the shaping of our freedom, our social peace, our prosperity. Without them we were not where we are today."

In the town hall, mayor heinrich sub (UWG) looked impatiently at the clock, which showed 18 minutes.11 o'clock already passed and from the "flower pickers", who were on their way from the gimberlein parking lot to the town hall with the marching band of the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department, nothing could be seen or heard.

"Actually, they are always very punctual", said the mayor. The first members and listeners arrived for the meeting of the market town council, and the firemen in front of the town hall, who had been assigned to secure the train, picked up the radio and asked their comrades at the junctions whether the train had already passed through.

What project is worthy of credit financing? What is mandatory and what is optional? And what is political style anyway? Even in the aftermath, the council is quick to stick to the basics – and remains divided on all these core issues. The fact that the second vote on the 2018 budget nevertheless ends positively with 10:9 votes has more to do with the current faction strengths than with successful persuasion work: the SPD and the new list insist emphatically on a no vote and continue to be supported by one vote from the burger block.

For example, shifting investments from 2018 to 2019 and 2020, or future reserve formation from fees and improvement contributions: because the investment plan updated by the administration "does not contain any material changes, only shifts" christian beickert (SPD) wanted to remove the new vote from the agenda right at the beginning. The new circumstances required by the paragraph are no justification for a new vote.


Christmas musical events are something that touches people in a special way. On the saturday evening of the third weekend of advent, the magically decorated kronachtalhalle was filled with an atmosphere of expectation.

Diverse moods

from the deeply moving "so this is christmas", written in 1972 in the historical context of the vietnam war from john lennon and yoko ono to the propelling sudamerican "felix navidad" – the musicians offered a variety of moods. This is especially true for the wonderful "winterrose" by kurt gable, centerpiece of the first part of the program. Symbolically describing the miracle of the holy night, the song cycle and reflective-optimistic texts on the christmas story show that the confrontation with the good news of christ's coming to our world remains current.

The good-for-nothing stews in the holle

All kinds of things were presented to the hundreds of paying participants at the new year’s reception on sunday evening in the "regnitzarena" offered: prominent benedictine priest anselm grun gave a crash course in life counseling between greek mythology and gospel. And mayor andreas schlund painted the devil on the wall, when he taught the indifference with a quote from calderon de la barca: satan awards the last free place in hell to the good-for-nothing waiting at the gate.

Bollerschutzen love it crash and in a cinematic flashback to the year 2011, which was also eventful from a local point of view, not only the many festivals came to life again, but also footage was shown of the renovation of the castle sassanfahrt, which is to be transformed into a training center and cultural center with the help of millions of euros. The only threat to hirschaid lies a good year in the past: on 6. January 2011 after the nationwide snowmelt, the regnitz water reached close to the houses in regnitzau. In the meantime, the flood relief of the district has been crammed through from a planning and legal point of view.