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Review of ING Direct Money Market Savings Account

Synopsis Have you ever heard of rich people having a money market account? Money markets are accounts where wealthy people put their money while it isn't being invested. There's no risk of losing money in a money market account, but they give pretty high rates of returns. Well I

My Experience with the Citibank E Savings Account

I was more than a tad dubious when I first heard about this promotion from CITIBANK. An "eSavings" account – an interest earning savings account linked to your checking account so you can quickly and easily transfer funds between the two – either in person at a branch office

The Benefits of a Savings Account

Savings accounts are highly underrated. The so-called experts are routinely touting the benefits of IRA accounts, CD's, stocks and bonds. They overlook or completely ignore the benefits of an old fashioned savings account. There was a time when the first bank account most people had was a savings account.

A User Guide to Offshore Savings Accounts

The world of offshore savings accounts has always been shrouded in a little mystery as fiction writers and the press have glamourized the lives of heros and heroines whose generally underhand activities have been funded through the use of offshore accounts. But this is no longer the case. Jersey

How-To Build Up a Savings Account Quickly and with Little Effort

There are a lot of ways for people to save money. I personally love the ways that make saving money easier. I have found I can save money quickly if done where I don't miss the money. Sometimes it is hard to set aside a couple hundred dollars or

Inverted Yield Curve: One Step Away from Recession

Predicting a recession or economic slow down in the United States economy, is not always an easy forecast by many economist or Wall Street experts. Also, trying to anticipate a change in the business cycle. However, during the past century an inverted yield curve or "negative yield curve," has

Soliloquy to Interest Rates

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Interest rates, oh interest rates,Where for art thou interest rates?Are you going to climb hither or there?Better be careful.Better be aware.For if thy climb up too fast,The housing boom will surely not last.You must remain stead fast and trueOr else the economy will be feeling blue.  

5 Painless Ways to Add to Your Savings Account

Saving money isn't as easy as it seems. There never seems to be enough money left after your payday to have any left for savings. Here are 5 simple ways that you can start adding you your savings almost painlessly. Pay yourself first. This is easier said than done.

14 High Yield Savings Accounts Reviewed

Choosing a high-yield online savings account is like deciding which fast food restaurant you want to go to. Some have a little bit better prices than the others, others have slightly different features and products, and it's always just so hard to choose which one you should go to.

Savings Accounts

Saving money is an ideal that should be taught to everyone. This can make things easier everyday and also give you breathing room. Why is it important to save money? This is a question that many people ask if they were never taught any different about saving money. Saving