Anger free on sundays

Anger free on Sundays

More money in the city's coffers, more chances of finding a free parking space on the anger: to achieve these goals, the city council decided last fall that parking on the anger would be subject to a fee. Since mid november, parking for half an hour costs 50 cents; from two hours to 24 hours, 2.50 euros.
From the beginning of the year until the end of march, around 63000 euros in parking fees were collected. This means that the target of 250000 euros per year is achievable, said kai holland from the public order department at yesterday's city council meeting. Although the anger is occupied between 40 and 60 days a year because of spring and guard festivals, circus guest performances and other events.

Every day still many free parking spaces

Currently 130 to 250 parking spaces remain free every day. On sundays, the anger is really empty: the peak occupancy of 150 cars was determined on days when events were taking place in the angersporthalle or the kongresshaus. Holland therefore proposed to make sundays and holidays free of charge.

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