A question of bratwurst faith

A question of bratwurst faith

The internet is full of inflammatory writings that could hardly have been formulated more vehemently at the time of the reformation. There is talk of one right and one wrong. Of tasteful aberrations and no two opinions: one bratwurst is good, the other bad. It only depends on which denomination, pardon me, which district the sausage lover belongs to.

Differences of faith at the barbecue

Between kronach and coburg there are the coarse and fine smells: in the catholic regions the bratwursts are fine. They melt like hosties on the tongue. In coburg as far as thuringia, the coarse caliber prevails. 31-centimeter-long prugels, calculated according to the mab of saint mauritius on the town hall, are pinched into a semmel divided from above, half a double loaf of bread. There are several theories and recipes on both sides of the bratwurst line. Roughly, because protestants considered fine chopping with a cutter to be an unnecessary chore and luxury. Or: catholics were more generous. They were the first to acquire, in addition to their old, coarse meat grinders, the small chopping cutter. And because it’s not enough: even the french revenge is buried under the web of conspiracy theories and facts about the bratwurst. According to the recipe of the sausage, the rake is made of red and female, with equal proportions of red lean meat and female bacon.

What does it look like in practice? The good news for all catholics: neither stefan hopf nor robert bayerkuhnlein cut their rolls from the top down. And this despite the fact that hopf successfully roasts and sells coburg bratwurst formerly in johannisthal, now for nine years in kups. He is proud of his coarse sausages from the city of residence. But cut the bread in a different way? "We all slice the rolls slowly in the morning. Coburg customers have to be exchanged every now and then." where does the different cut actually come from? Stefan hopf says that the semmel is more of an accessory in coburg. Didn’t the people of coburg used to throw away their pastries after eating the sausage?? The question can not be answered with certainty today. Some traditions need no explanation.

His father, the owner of the hopf restaurant in johannisthal, opened a bratwurst stand in 1990 to sell coburgers. The reason for this sounds quite pragmatic: "in kronach, there were usually only fine sausages." the son stayed with it. He likes the rooty, the smoky, roasted on beech wood. "Fine ones are often too empty in taste for me." he also gets his sausages from coburg: "the recipe is adapted from time to time." stefan hopf builds on tradition. For years, the only thing that has changed in his sausage, if at all, is the amount of spice, he says. He has his own trade, sells the sausages packaged and in five rewe stores. He confidently says: "those who have been to my house once, will come back again."

Robert bayerkuhnlein, 49, the owner of the traditional horing butcher shop in kronach, loves the fine, the catholic. They are more tender, he says, while he is stuffing the meat. This is an important difference between the coburg and the kronach bratwursts: the coarse mass is stuffed into the bandel, i.E. Into the pig’s intestine. The fine ones in the saitling, the sheep intestine.

The secret of the bratwurst

Many butchers do this. But what is the secret of the popular horingswurst? "Our sausages have grown over the years", says the kronach butcher. His father-in-law rudi horing developed the recipe. Fine, but not quite as fine as the kulmbachers. Not the entire mass is chopped, but 70 percent is blended from the meat grinder. Transferred to faith: it sounds and tastes like ocumene, an approach to the coarse.

But there is a point that is not exceeded. Cut the bun from the top? "In no case", it shoves out of robert bayerkuhnlein as if it were blasphemy. And the two also agree on another point. No one liked to do without the bratwurst of the other denomination. This, in turn, is a french creed.

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