Happy faces in priesendorf

For the tenth time, the political community of priesendorf invited guests to the new year's reception at the community center in kulm. Mayor maria beck (CSU) not only buried the honorary guests on this occasion – among them dean albert muller, pastor i. R. Ewald thoma, andrea friedrich, theresa schwarzmann, ehrenburger willi troster, all the municipal councillors and club chairmen as well as the chairmen of the fire departments – but it also gave a warm welcome to all those who had done voluntary work in the municipality of priesendorf in the past year. After all, it is thanks to the volunteers that a rich cultural life is possible in this community and that everyone can feel accepted and welcome. It is therefore a fine tradition to look back at the beginning of a new year and to thank the volunteers for their work.

Special mention should also be made of local councillor manfred dutsch, who is now in his 10th year of office. Who, for the first time, took care of the organization of hospitality for the guests at the end of the ceremony.

Strenesse files for insolvency again

The luxury fashion manufacturer strenesse has again filed for insolvency proceedings in self-administration. The district court in nordlingen in northern swabia has already granted the application, said a company spokeswoman.

Several media had previously reported on the insolvency petition. With this step, strenesse new gmbh wants to free itself from further burdens of the former strenesse AG. "Business operations will continue seamlessly," the company spokeswoman emphasized.

democrats incensed over billion-dollar funding for trump's border wall

The U.S. Department of defense is reportedly diverting $3.6 billion (3.3 billion euros) from existing projects to build the border wall with mexico that president donald trump has requested.

Trump said wednesday in washington that pentagon chief mark esper had briefed members of congress on the plans. Leading democrats immediately condemned the plan and accused trump of going on an ego trip – at the expense of the military and national security.

"One of the nicest things that we have is the potato," writes the soon-to-be 80-year-old rosa storkle in her book "potato festival. She put her book together with love, and with just as much love she still pursues conservation farming to safeguard the diversity of varieties and to let others share in the fascination of the tuber. The potato is her hobby. She has around 300 varieties from 50 countries around the world at home. Many brought them to the seed festival in volkach, where they found rubbing sales.

2000 visitors attracted

That's exactly what it was all about at the seed festival of the "open house" association, which again attracted about 2000 visitors on saturday, this time to the mainschleifenhalle in volkach. The organizers barbara and martin keller wanted to inspire the visitors with the diversity of the varieties. They are all seed resistant, which means that their seeds will grow into plants that have the same characteristics and shape as their parent plants. The variety can therefore be propagated naturally, as in the past.

Partial lockdown until 10. january: stricter rules on new year's eve?

In view of persistently high infection figures, bavaria’s minister-president markus soder (CSU) is considering tightening contact restrictions – also on new year’s eve.

After the federal and state governments agreed to extend the partial lockdown until 10. January soder raised the question "whether that alone is the mabnahme or whether there is still a need for significant improvements in some places". During a visit to passau, the CSU leader said on thursday: "if the figures remain like this, it will also be clear that on new year’s eve, for example, the number of contacts will also have to be reduced."

world bank warns of cost explosion in flood disasters

In 2005, the flood damage of the 136 major port cities included in the study was 6 billion dollars (4.5 billion euros).

The scientists had analyzed the current and future flood risk and flood protection for the individual cities. They calculated three scenarios – with no sea level rise at all, with a 20-centimeter sea level rise and with a 40-centimeter sea level rise by 2050. The data was then used to draw conclusions about the costs to be expected in the event of flooding. In addition to rising sea levels, the causes of the predicted massive increase in costs are land erosion and socio-economic factors such as growing populations in the affected regions. .

goals for the school mainleus

Saving profits can be worthwhile, and not only for the saver. A portion of every raffle ticket sold goes to regional projects that the raiffeisenbank obermain nord supports every year. Beneficiary was this time the mainleuser school, which was pleased about a donation in the amount of 2350 euros. "Our principal doris horath and i agreed right away that we wanted to put the money into sports equipment.", said vice-principal bernd fritsch, who received the check on monday from the head of the business department steffen matuschek.

The old soccer goals in the playground were broken and needed to be replaced with sturdy new goals, because "we have a lot of kids who like to play soccer during recess, said fritsch. Furthermore, the school purchased two so-called tchoukball goals for the gym. Cool, think the kids, who really break a sweat in the game with the new goals.

While many baur employees at the weismain site are breathing a sigh of relief, the mobele purchasers have had the sad certainty since tuesday: their jobs have fallen victim to the "focus" synergy project to the sacrifice. The furniture and home furnishings ranges will in future be handled at otto group headquarters in hamburg. "This has nothing to do with the performance of the division", said baur managing director albert klein. "We have competition in the online market that is becoming increasingly intense and fierce. We have to take advantage of all possible synergies, especially on the purchasing side."

It could have been worse for the site. Then, when actually only the buyers of shoes had remained at the obermain. After a long struggle, an agreement has been reached within the group: although purchasing will in principle be managed centrally from hamburg. But the shopping areas shoes, jewelry/watches, sports, household, lighting as well as gifts, toys and sub-goods will remain in weismain.

Banking supervision for the euro zone is coming

The new supervisory authority is to be set up gradually at the european central bank (ECB) by march 2014. "This is an important step forward that will make the eurozone stronger," said eu internal market commissioner michel barnier in brussels.

The uniform control for financial institutions in the euro zone is a central component of a european banking union – it is intended to make the financial sector more secure. "We could have avoided many crises with such a mechanism," said barnier.

Sudlink: 'new' old variant in eastern district causes surprise

Oerlenbach’s mayor franz kuhn was surprised when he heard that the. February, the other planning with the 1000-meter corridors of the high-voltage line sudlink in the eastern district of bad kissingen was considered. But a variant appears in the map that he long ago wahnte from the table.

According to the current plan, the route corridor coming along the A71 from the north splits above poppenhausen (schweinfurt district). One line continues straight down the autobahn to bergrheinfeld. The other branched off to the west and bent off to the southwest in the direction of arnstein or grobgartach in bad-wurttemberg – right through the middle between oerlenbach and ebenhausen. The last proposal was to run the corridor south of ebenhausen. The crazy thing: this route was already a topic once, but was considered rejected.